This research undertaken by University College Cork (UCC) and Dublin City University (DCU), was funded under the NDA Research Promotion Scheme 2021-2022.

The theme for the research funded under the scheme: Assistive Products and Consumer Products that support choice and control for Persons with Disabilities.

The study found that:

  • the interoperability of consumer technologies such as Digital Voice Assistants and Internet of Things devices (smart sockets, smart TV remote, smart controls for window blinds and so on) made their set-up and use easier, compared to dedicated assistive technologies.

  • Voice-controlled technologies eliminated physical barriers, allowing a larger population with diverse needs, such as limited mobility, visual impairment, and cognitive disabilities, to use these technologies.
  • Access and usability for users of different abilities, including multiple people within a household, means that voice-controlled technologies can surpass the exclusivity of traditional assistive technologies.

A user-centred exploration of the assistive potential of Digital Voice Assistants and Internet of Things technology for People with Disabilities in Ireland.

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