Safe Evacuation for All

This Planning and Management Guide is aimed at those involved in planning and managing safe evacuation from buildings for employees and visitors. This includes facilities and accommodation staff, health and safety staff, access officers, human resource professionals and others. It may also be of interest to people with disabilities and their representative organisations, and design professionals such as architects and engineers, particularly fire engineers, though it is not intended as a technical guide.

Ensuring safe, independent and dignified evacuation in an emergency is a complex issue, requiring consideration of a broad range of factors, including the design and usage of a building, the training of staff and the provision of appropriate equipment and facilities. Those responsible for buildings must ensure safe evacuation for all. This requires consideration of the needs of everyone using the building, particularly the specific requirements of people with disabilities and people of all ages and sizes.

In addition to the Planning and Management Guide the following are available for download

  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) Template
  • Risk Assessment Checklist

The NDA plan to update this guide in the near future.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

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