National Disability Authority Tenders

The National Disability Authority publishes all Requests for Tenders on the eTenders procurement website.

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What we do

The National Disability Authority’s principal role is to provide advice and information to Ministers and the public service to guide policy and practice relevant to the lives of people with disabilities. We therefore work across many different policy areas such as employment, training, income supports, housing, transport, communications, health, justice and community living. We do not provide direct services to the public, but you will find links to some of the main services that do on our website. The Citizens Information Board is the state body given the task to provide advice and information to people with disabilities around entitlements and services , so we pass on such queries to them as the experts.

We assist the Minister for Justice and Equality to co-ordinate and develop disability policy. We undertake and commission research to guide our advice on policy and practice. We also develop practical and technical guidelines and run conferences and seminars to share learning on good practice.

Our advice and guidance:

  • Is independent and impartial
  • Considers national and international evidence
  • Considers the experiences of people with disabilities and others.

      Our statutory Centre of Excellence in Universal Design promotes the design of built environment, products and services, and Information and Communications Technology, that everyone—regardless of age, size, ability, or disability—can access, use, and understand.

Through our Centre we promote the implementation of a universal design approach by planners, architects, designers, Information Communication Technology professionals and other relevant bodies. Our Centre also assists in the development of standards by national and international standards bodies and produces practical guidelines. It also advises on educational curricula for relevant courses across the lifespan for a wide range of professionals.