Annual Report 2001

This is the first Annual Report of the National Disability Authority, spanning the 18 months since our launch in June 2000 to December 2001. Our first year and a half have been both exciting and action packed. However, with every day of activity, it has become even clearer to us that we are only at the very start of a venture that must lead us to a fairer and more equal society. The vision of the National Disability Authority is clear. Disability is more than a matter of equity. It is a matter of rights. The real challenge, and the one we are working to ensure, is that all barriers, physical and attitudinal, which continue to exclude people with disabilities from full participation in our communities, are removed. Vital groundwork towards this was completed in our first 18 months. We presented our first Strategic Plan 2001-2003 to the MInister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform in May 2001. We then developed a comprehensive Operational Plan around this Strategy, which provides the blueprint for all activity. This Annual Report is a key mechanism for the external monitoring of that activity so far. The Authority is committed to incorporating best practices in management and organisational development, including consultation. Towards this, we have had meetings and consultations with a wide range of groups and organisations, forming vital partnerships and relationships with disability representative groups, Government Departments, other statutory organisations, local authorities, as well as community and development organisations. These relationships have proved insightful and invaluable to ensuring that the NDA keeps on track in its aim to deliver a programme for change.

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